Early Orthodontic Treatment

It is never too early to keep an eye on your child’s oral development. Dr. Georgaklis will identify types of malocclusion: crowding, crooked teeth, bite and alignment problems. She intervenes to guide the teeth as they emerge into the mouth.  Some of the interventions she performs:

  • Providing appliances such as palate expanders and retainers to stop thumb sucking or tongue thrusts which can disrupt the proper development of the dental arches. This is best addressed before the age of six. 
  • Removal of primary teeth (“baby teeth”) to allow the permanent teeth to come into proper position. Allowing the proper descent and positioning of permanent teeth has a significant impact on one’s adult smile and may obviate the need for braces or lessen the extent of treatment. 
  • Placement of “spacers”  to make space for incoming teeth and partial braces for alignment.

Collaboration With Orthodontists

Dr. Georgaklis works together with orthodontists in striving for an integrated approach in providing optimal care to a patient’s teeth and gums during the orthodontic treatment period. In addition to evaluating and treating teeth and gums, Dr. Georgaklis also extracts primary teeth if indicated as part of the orthodontic treatment plan. It is important that teeth are especially cared for during the period when braces are worn since the teeth are at greater risk of cavity formation due to the complexity of keeping teeth clean.