Tooth Colored Fillings and Esthetics

Tooth colored fillings are used to restore front or back teeth or where cosmetic appearance is important. Tooth colored fillings are used to repair fractured teeth and/or areas of decay. The shade of the restorative material is matched as closely as possible to the color of the natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment for Primary Teeth

Root canal is the treatment of infected nerves and blood vessels in teeth. Root canal generally becomes necessary for two reasons: either as a result of extensive tooth decay (dental cavities) or as the result of tooth injury. Failure to provide the necessary root canal could result in your child experiencing pain, infection, swelling, or loss of the tooth. With the proper treatment, the tooth can be preserved for chewing food and maintaining proper space for permanent teeth, as well as helping your child to preserve a healthy, happy smile. If an older child or teen needs a root canal for a permanent tooth, Dr. Clifton Georgaklis at Cleveland Circle Dental Associates is able to care for them. He and Dr. Maria share a caring, supportive approach to dental treatment.

Crowns For Primary Teeth

In some cases, cavities can significantly damage the tooth and it is often necessary to place a crown or "cap" on the tooth. Crowns are placed on teeth that have large areas of decay that could possibly break if restored with a simple filling.