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“Dr. Georgaklis is a skilled and gentle dentist. She is able to identify issues early and to communicate the reasons for her recommendations to both parents and children. As with her husband, she takes an incremental approach to dentistry. Dr. Georgaklis does not recommend a complicated procedure if a simple one would suffice. She has been responsive and flexible in scheduling appointments, understands how much children can accomplish in a single visit, and carefully follows up their care. I could not recommend any pediatric dentist more highly.”

Ellen, Brookline, MA


“Dr. Maria opened the door and called, 'Grayson?' He was excited and walked up to the door. Like a boss. He proudly jumped into the chair and followed instructions as Dr. Maria patiently guided him through every step. She showed him every tool including the suction tube and let him smell the toothpastes then pick his favorite. Empowering him to be a part of the decision-making process made him feel so important. My baby was a big boy in the dentist chair. She 'counted his teeth,' brushed and flossed and polished his teeth. She actually let him feel the brush on his finger before she started. (See picture.) It’s the little things that a dentist does that makes a child have a good experience. Grayson left with a pouch that included a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, pencil, foam airplane and stickers. Score!”

Jen Benway, Burlington, MA


"I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Maria Georgaklis and her practice. Dr. Maria's calm manner, reassuring voice, bright smile, and positive energy immediately put both of my children at ease. She is so kind to them and tries to meet them at their level. Her expertise with and understanding of children are readily apparent. In addition, Dr Maria's practice gives out the best dental goody bags in town! I highly recommend Dr Maria and her colleagues.”

Beth Kaufman, Brookline, MA


"My children adore going to see Dr. Maria Georgaklis. Her gentleness with children - and parents- makes going to the dentist something to smile about. Truly, my children have had teeth pulled and cavities filled and Dr. Georgaklis truly explains to them step-by-step what is going to happen and before you know it, the procedure is done and the goodie bags are distributed.”

Pam Palmucci, Brookline, MA


“Going to Dr. Maria has been such a great experience for my two boys and for me as well. My older son has autism and she makes him feel comfortable and safe with her calm mannerisms, and my younger son was just plain scared, now he enjoys his visits and looks forward to the goody bag. She reinforces our good dental practices, by always explaining how important it is for our health. As for me, I am just happy that they do not have any fear surrounding their annual visit!”

Rebecca Abrams, Brookline, MA


“Dr. Maria is very gentle with the children and really respects their feelings. She is also exceedingly competent”

Genae Johnson Brookline, MA


“We had been to many pediatric dentists before finding Dr. Maria and we only wish we met her sooner! She and the entire staff are completely devoted to ensuring my kids have the best dental care -both prevention and treatment- and the most positive dental experience possible. From the massage chair in the waiting room to the kindness and professional calibre of the exam, my kids now complain that they get to go to the the dentist ONLY twice a year!”

Ellen Bell, Brookline, MA


“It is hard to believe, but my 6 year old looks forward to his dental visits! Until we saw Dr. Georgaklis every experience he had in the dentist's chair had been miserable (for him and for me watching him suffer). Dr. Georgaklis is the most patient, kind and dedicated dentist I've ever seen. She understands children and puts them at ease as soon as they walk in her office.”

Carol Reyes, Brookline, MA


“My children (3 and 5) years old attend Maria Luisa Georgaklis's practice. Dr Maria always explains what she was going to do and was very smooth and kind, she always gives advice for the following treatment. The treatment was without pain because she took care in giving painkiller before. That is why they were always very happy to go to the dentist without fear and anxiety. All the people who work in the office are very friendly and it is a family practice.”

Corinne Bernimoulin, Brookline, MA