Dental Education

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We believe that a knowledgeable patient and family is a critical part of maintaining a healthy smile for life. Dental education is embedded throughout the dental visit at Cleveland Circle Dental Associates. We make sure that a patient and their family understand the treatment plan of a specific visit and that they take home the key points of good home dental care. A mother of four children herself, Dr. Maria is sensitive to parent concerns about dental treatment and she welcomes questions from patients and their families.

Diet Counseling for Dental Health

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A well balanced diet low in sugar will help maintain a healthier smile. Sugar promotes tooth decay while other foods like apples, nuts, and low fat yogurt can actually cleanse the teeth enhancing oral health. We will review your child's diet and with you make individualized suggestions that will help them maintain a healthy smile for life. 

Oral Hygiene Instructions

We will determine what type of tooth brush is best for your children based on age, maturity, manual dexterity, and personal preference. Some kids do better with electric tooth brushes while others prefer manual.

There are also techniques and additional devices that will help your child brush and floss appropriately. We will find the best fit for them.

Our goal is to have your child brush and floss regularly and effortlessly to establish a routine solid habit. That is what maintains a healthy smile for life.