Cleaning, Fluoride, and X-Rays

Dental Cleaning and Flouride Treatment

When we clean a child’s teeth we are mindful of their small mouths; we offer frequent opportunities for pauses as we thoroughly assess their mouth, clean and polish their teeth. Topical fruit flavored fluoride is applied on the teeth after the polishing. The topical fluoride is easily absorbed into the teeth, strengthening the enamel and effectively helping to prevent dental decay.

Dr. Maria will answer any questions that parents may have concerning fluoride. She is sensitive to and respectful of parent concerns and she will explain the risks and benefits of fluoride treatment as it pertains to their child and their child’s risk for cavities.


Dr. Maria Georgaklis understands that many parents are concerned about the radiation exposure of their children as a component of their dental evaluation and treatment. We use digital radiography which uses approximately 25% of the radiation that is used in traditional film radiography. In addition, decisions to take X-rays is based on risk stratification of each patient in regards to dental disease. Children with a low risk of cavities will require less frequent and fewer x-rays.